Young Rider's Guide

The Next Best Thing to Your Own Car

It's never easy to find a ride when you need it. Your parents are at work, your friends parents are busy, and it's too far to walk. If you only had your own way to get around.

Well, you do. The Bus can be your ticket to getting just about anywhere that you want to go, when you want to go, and you don't have to count on anyone else to get your there.


Whether you just want to go hang out with your friends at the Boys and Girls Club, travel cross-country to see your cousins, or just need to get to the library to do that homework assignment, The Bus can get you there.
Service To Stops Included
Le Grand
City Hall
Los Banos
Los Banos Cinema
Merced Mall

Bikes on The Bus

As if being able to get around town on your own was not good enough, The Bus has bike racks. Ride your bike to the bus stop, remove your water bottle, pump, or anything else that might fall off during the trip, load your bike on the racks on front of The Bus, lock it down tightly, and you are off to your adventure.

It is the ultimate freedom on both ends of The Bus route.