Using Bike Racks

Use of Racks

Bike access to The Bus is a privilege, not a right. It is the responsibility of the cyclist to read and comply with all of the safety rules.

Customers use The Bus bicycle racks at their own risk. The Bus assumes no responsibility for bikes that are lost, stolen, damaged, or left on racks.

Loading Your Bike

First - tell the bus operator that you are going to load your bike onto the rack. The driver will acknowledge you. This is your signal that the operator is ready for you to load your bike.

Load your bike while other passengers are boarding.

If a passenger getting off the bus wishes to remove their bike, let them do so first.
Loading a Bike

Unloading Your Bike

As The Bus approaches your stop, tell the operator you'll be removing your bike. Leave by the front door. Wait for the driver to acknowledge you. The steps are:
  • Lift and lower the tire hook.
  • Lift your bike off and move to the curb side of the bus.
  • If no other bikes are being loaded, and the rack is empty, pull the handle in the center of the rack and raise it to its upright position against the front of the bus. The rack is securely in position when you hear the latch snap into place.

Hands on Instruction

Before you use Bikes on The Bus service, you might like individual instruction on bicycle rack use. The Bus encourages you to call 209-384-3111 to arrange instruction at the bus yard.